George Clooney Is Giving NBA Fans A Half-Day To Celebrate Milwaukee’s Win

Fair to say Milwaukee would be a pretty loose place to be right now, after the city’s beloved Bucks wiped the floor with the Boston Celtics today and punched their ticket to their first NBA Eastern Conference Championship series since 2001.

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Lead by ye olde Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Bucks completed a comprehensive semi-final rout of the Celtics, winning game five 116 – 91 to take the series by a margin of four games to one.

That puts the Bucks within 4 wins of their first NBA Finals berth since 1974, which happened to be the last time the great Oscar Robertson stepped foot on a court, for those of you playing at home.

Rightfully so, there’s a fair few people tipping a few back tonight in the Wisconsin city in celebration of their beloved Bucks. And with that will come more than a few sore heads in the morning.

That’s where George Clooney, of all people, has stepped in.

As part of a promotion for his Casamigos Tequila company – which will likely be the source of at least a few of said hangovers – Clooney has gifted salvation to Bucks fans in the form of a foolproof note excusing them from the first half of the work day tomorrow.

Following the win, the Bucks official Twitter page posted the note which has very conveniently done all the work for fans, who just have to pepper their name in a few times and then go back to sleep, safe in the knowledge that George Clooney said it was totally ok if they came in at 1pm.

And honestly, if George Clooney says it’s ok, then in the immortal words of Bob Hawke, any boss who sacks a worker for not showing up at 9am is a bum.

The Bucks are now set to face either the Toronto Raptors or the Philadelphia 76ers in this year’s Eastern Conference Finals.