Adelaide Footy Fan Cops Empty Pie That, Much Like The Crows, Is Shell Only

There are few things worse than watching your footy team cough up a considerable lead to a dreaded rival, but suffering the indignity of copping a bung pie while doing so is borderline cruel and unusual. In that regard, please solemnly press F to pay respects to an Adelaide Crows fan, who not only had to watch his side blow a 33-point lead against the West Coast Eagles on Saturday afternoon, but had to also rudely endure getting served a pie with absolutely no filling in it as well.

[jwplayer QN12pJY4]

The fan, who requested anonymity, was present at the Adelaide Oval while the Crows completely shit the bed, giving up a 33-point third quarter lead and letting the Eagles kick 10 of the last 12 goals of the match to ultimately run out 13.7 (85) to 10.13 (73) winners.

But the real slap in the face came from the food stand, with a late game pie turning out to be as empty as Adelaide’s on-field efforts.

The Crows fan posted a photo of the completely empty pie shell served to him on the Balfours Bakery Facebook page, calmly asking “forgot something?

Absolutely shameful. The temerity of it. There’s not ever a scrap of filling to be found in there; that is, in the very literal sense of the phrase, a meatless pie.

Imagine getting all revved up for a $5 rat coffin at the footy and copping that instead. Chomping down into it and getting a burst of horrible hot pastry air directly into the face.

Beyond disappointing. You hate to see it.