This is absolutely right up there with the all-time great pranks. One of the absolute classics. A true gem from the archives, dug out, dusted off, and performed to absolute perfection. Nothing but respect for these cheeky little shits.

Three UK lads in Lancashire, England have absolutely stooged a football stadium announced with one of the great stitch-ups of history.

At a recent AFC Fylde home game, the boys apparently snuck up to the announcer’s box and asked him, as a matter of urgency, to plead with the crowd for the owner of a white Nissan Micra to be moved, in order to allow a boxed-in car to get out in a hurry.

The kicker? The license plate they gave him was NE14 ABJ.

N-E. 1-4. A-B-J.

Even better, they managed to catch the moment the up was stitched on film.

Hell yes, lads. Fuckin’ GOTTIM. Hook, line, and sinker. Absolutely gottim.

Here’s where it really gets fun though.

Rather than chase them down and give them a dressing down, the club actually gave them a dressing up.

The team put the call out to identify the offending trio.

And then kitted them all out as a reward for giving everyone a good laugh.

Incredible effort all around here. Every one at every step of the way operating at high performance.

Except old mate on the mic at the stadium, of course.

Old mate better be wary of any lost children named Amanda Hugankiss from now on.

Image: Twitter / AFC Fylde