Ah, the bants. Love a bit of banter with the boys. Some bloody cheeky bantz with the absolute lads. Bloody love it.

After last night’s brewing shitstorm of an episode of Married At First Sight, which we can assume will culminate in the actual hand of God smiting Dean with all the power in the universe, he took to Instagram to vent (and then edit) his thoughts on the filming of that particular scene.

But, as he should know, the Internet never forgets, and his original post – which outed one of the show’s producers – was screenshot for us all to roll our eyes over.

Dean Blames Producers For Grot Banter During Last Night’s ‘MAFS’ Ep
Ah, buddy. Ahh, pal.

Dean insists that parts were cut from the beery scene, and that the question about the wives’ mums that he practically hollered despite everyone sitting maybe 2-foot away from him, was something fed to him by producers trying to spice up and otherwise boring scene.

Now, I’m no fool. I’ve seen my fair share of UNReal, I know that producers tend to get in there and kick the hornets’ nest to cause some ~drama~ but Dean, my dude, you cannot blame someone else for saying things like “can someone just say they wanna bang Tracey?” because that is on you.

Dean edited his post to the below, which ends with a sneaky ‘don’t dog the boys’ nod, because of course it does.

Image: Channel 9