WATCH: The Lads Serenaded ‘Bachelorette’ Georgia & Look, It Was Legit Cute

There are two kinds of people. The kind who inherently cringe when they’re the only one in a group not singing – think every birthday party you’ve ever had, as you alternate glances between the cake and the walls – and the kind like The Bachelorette’s Georgia Love.

The second kind really, really like being serenaded. It probably doesn’t hurt when a crew of certified units are the ones unleashing their pipes for your affections, either. 
Huddled around Cam and a guitar, the whole gang unleashed some charmingly off-key couplets about their experiences thus far. It was complete with not-undeserved digs at Rhys for his poetry, but even he managed to redeem himself with some cheeky self-deprecation.

We reiterate: some of us would rather be in outer space than have a squadron of fellas attempt to harmonise in our immediate vicinity, but some others reckon it’s the absolute business – Georgia included. 

Resume your squee-ing below:

Source and photo: Channel 10.