The Blokes Behind The ‘Four Lads In Jeans’ Meme Are Selling The Viral Pic As An NFT For $1.5M

Next up in NFT news, the blokes, or should I say, the lads, behind the iconique Four Lads in Jeans meme are selling the piccy as a non-fungible token (NFT).

The four lads, Jamie Phillips, Alex Lacey, Kevin Rooney and Connor Humpage, first went viral when the pic taken during a night out in Birmingham in 2019 became a meme last year.

Kings. Absolute kings.

Metro UK reports that the foursome behind the Four Lads In Jeans meme are selling the pic as an NFT to raise awareness for online abuse and funds for charity. If the sale is successful they will make a donation to the anti-cyber bullying charity CyberSmile Foundation.

This is, of course, in response to the incessant trolling they received after the meme went viral. At one point, Alex’s work phone number leaked, subjecting him to prank calls from trolls. His mother was also targeted.

“Our image has created some of the best but also the worst moments in our lives as we experienced some of the highs and lows which come with the public spotlight,” they said, via Metro.

“Our ultimate goal is to support in eradicating online abuse, and we hope the sale of our image can contribute towards this.”

The pic has been listed in an auction which runs until Thursday, May 13.

Rarible head of communications Masha Vyazemskaya said the sale was a chance for buyers to own a “piece of internet history,” and too fkn true.

“Memes as a phenomenon are native to the concept of NFTs,” she said.

It comes after several other memes have been listed as NFTs, including the girl with the house burning down.