Triple J’s Fake Ben & Liam Got Beyond Loose At The ARIAs And Here’s The Pics

By now you may have already seen the incredibly-close-but-not-at-all-real version of Ben & Liam that Triple J sent along to last night’s ARIA Awards in the place of the real ones. The Breakfast boys managed to stitch everyone up by sourcing two young lookalike lads by the names of Callum and Luke who they dolled up in Ben & Liam’s signature gear and sent them along to Australian music’s biggest night to see how far they could get.

Turns out: Real far.

Real, real, real far.

[jwplayer XP9zfY4m]

While the real Ben & Liam chilled on the couch at home watching the event unfold with accompanying pizza, Callum and Luke set off.

And while we know they got in with at least a handful of red carpet attendees, turns out they did much, much more.

Photos and footage from Triple J this morning show just how far the two lookalikes got.

The real Ben & Liam posted a cut together video of Callum & Luke’s herculean efforts on Instagram a short time ago, and it looks like the lads had an absolute time.

How’s that quadruple parking effort on the bubbles and froths? Absolutely unreal. Takes a special kind of attitude to approach a bar at a fancy event you’re definitely not supposed to be at and confidently order “the maximum, thanks.” Nothing but respect for it.

Photos from the Red Carpet, however, show that it wasn’t just at the bar where Callum & Luke’s white hot ARIAs form was on display.

Not only did they get a classic snap with Murray Cook, Triple J mic and all…

…but they managed to get all up on a host of others, including Kira Puru

Set Mo

DZ Deathrays and some other bloke…

…and Camoflauge Rose.

‘Course getting up that close saw the facade shatter fairly instantly, but everyone was reportedly great sports about the whole thing.

Still, the Fake Ben & Liam’s general arrival efforts were just as good, with old mates throwing out Desert Eagles and generally living it the hell up.

Dropping back into the Triple J studios this morning to report in, still wearing the same clothes as last night mind you, Callum and Luke mentioned that they were feeling “a little seedy” but noted that the ruse worked because “We were confident. Smile on the face, sunglasses on, we were straight through.

Huge effort, boys. Cannot fault a step of it.