OI, MAGDA: Pls Notice Your Honorary Sydney Netball Team, The Sharon Strzeleckis

If you haven’t watched Kath & Kim, firstly I’m sad for you and secondly – calmly turn off your computer, get up from your office chair, walk immediately to the nearest form of public transport and get yourself home to binge the entire show. Imperative.

[jwplayer tqwoCM8s]

Ok? Ok. Now that we’re all across the greatest television show Australia‘s ever produced, let’s discuss the greatest Australian TV CHARACTER Australia’s ever produced – Sharon Strzelecki. Formed in the mind of the brilliant, talented, beautiful, amazing (yes I’m sucking up, NO I won’t stop) Magda Szubanski, Sharon is netball-mad and wears her delightful heart on her sleeve. She’s everything we should aspire to be – passionate to a mildly unhinged level and always ready with the BBQ Shapes and bottle of Baileys.

So this is the bit where I tell you that I am in a netball team called the Sharon Strzeleckis.

Why am I telling you this? Because a) I’m really into blatant self-promotion and b) I also think maybe you’ll get a kick out of our shirts. Also HELLO, who doesn’t like seeing a bunch of Sharon gifs of a Wednesday morning!

Anyway, we came up with the name after watching far too much Kath & Kim, and the rest as they say is history. And by that I mean we got insanely invested in our team, and decided to make shirts – even though our comp is extremely social and no one else has uniforms.

Oh, you think the front is good? Look at the back.


So far, in spite of relentless tagging on social media, Our Lord Magda has not responded to her HONORARY NETBALL TEAM, so Magda if you’re reading we adore you, please love us – we are nothing if not people pleasers who are desperate for your attention.