For a brief, bubbling moment, Kath & Kim returned to Australian screens.

Taking to the AACTA Awards stage last night to present the gong for Best Performance in a Television Comedy, living legends Gina Riley and Jane Turner donned their best 90s-chic looks to revive two of the most memorable characters in the Australian comedic canon.

For the record, “Best 90s-chic looks” is a very liberal way of saying Riley donned a hiked-up and bedazzled g-string plus a crop-top saying ‘All I Want Is Everything’. 

‘Kath & Kim’ Returned To Screens For A Few Nice, Different, Unusual Minutes
via Channel 7

“Ridiculous. It’s been a while since I wore the g, I have to tell you,” Riley said.

“An acquired taste.”

Of course, standing next to her was Turner, herself in a red head-to-toe arrangement last seen sometimes in the dreary haze of 2003.

The throwbacks continued in their actual speech, which focussed on the none-too-pleased reviews their series first received from mainstream reviewers. Highlights included the word “execrable,” and Turner tripping over her words as she recounted a criticism of the line “does it make me a crim to keep myself trim, Kim?”

The award was eventually bestowed on Hannah Gadsby, who won for Nanette in her very first AACTA Award nomination.

And, just like that, Turner and Riley – who’ve previously gained AACTA nods for their work on Kath & Kim – vanished from the stage, leaving the future of their characters somewhere in the past, presumably bickering over baby cheeses.

Source: Channel 7
Image: Channel 7