Steph Curry Kept A Promise To A 9 Y.O. To Make His Shoes Available To Girls

Steph Curry gets results. On the court and, as it turns out, very much off it as well. Particularly at Christmastime.

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Back in late November a 9-year-old Golden State Warriors fan by the name of Riley Morrison was dismayed that Steph’s signature Curry 5 shoes were not available in girl’s sizes; a slight and severe oversight that was picked up on after Morrison wrote Curry a heartfelt letter that subsequently went viral across ye olde internet.

Swiftly, Curry leapt into action, not only sending Morrison a pair of Curry 5s, but promising to right the wrong by getting manufacturer Under Armour to fix the oversight and promising her a pair of the new Curry 6s in turn.

Come Christmas Day, old mate more than made good on that promise. Not only does Under Armour now stock Curry’s signature shoe in sizes for everyone, but a special gift made its way under the Morrison family tree: not one, but two brand new pairs of Curry 6s just for Riley, in you beaut colourways and everything.

There’s still one promise left on Curry’s list: An event tied in to International Women’s Day on March 8th, details of which are scarce at this point but seem to include Riley in them somehow.

Either way though, judging by how all of this has played out so far, whatever winds up happening is probably gonna be cute as hell.

Go get your buckets, young Riley.