Steph Curry Doesn’t Believe The Moon Landing Really Happened Which Is Normal

Very few professional athletes are what you’d consider to be normal people, and that’s mostly by design; the average brain can only process so much, and when you live and breathe a specific sport day in/day out for eons the ole’ cortexes wind up scrambling a bit. But even still, there’s “being generally a bit bung”, and then there’s “Steph Curry openly admitting he doesn’t believe the moon landing was real.” Which is on an entire other level altogether.

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But alas, following in the now-grand NBA tradition of “Kyrie Irving is a flat-earther,” 3x NBA Champion and 2x NBA MVP Steph Curry believes, in his heart of hearts, that NASA did not land on the moon in 1969.

On a recent episode of The Ringer‘s Winging It podcast, the subject of the moon landing inexplicably came up while talking about dinosaur sounds, with Curry blurting it out like he’s been dying to talk about this for years.

We ever been to the moon?” Curry asked, virtually apropos of nothing, to which teammate Andre Iguodala and podcast hosts Vince Carter and Kent Bazemore all unanimously responded in the negative. “They’re gonna come for us. I don’t think so either” Curry retorted.

Seconds later, after prompting from podcast co-host Annie Fineberg, Curry doubled down on his assertions with this clearly incriminating line:

Nuh uh.

Nuh uh.


This is how it starts, folks. One day you’re casually dropping “nuh uh” to questions about the moon landing, the next you’re releasing Curry 8s in special tin foil colourways.

For what it’s worth, Bazemore went further by referencing the popular Stanley Kubrick conspiracy theory, asserting “You gotta do the research on Stanley Kubrick.

As far as satisfying the burden of evidence goes, that’s about as good as this classic Stephen A Smith pearler.

TAke a look, y’all.

TAke a look indeed.