Steph Curry’s Finger Is Probably Not Supposed To Bend Like That

I need to state this clearly: I’m not a doctor. I’m not any sort of expert on the human anatomy. But I have a pretty good idea of the way that fingers are supposed to go. And so with that in mind I address Steph Curry directly when I say: Buddy, this ain’t it.

[jwplayer ph2uligS]

One of the digits on Curry’s left hand came an absolute cropper during today’s NBA Playoffs matchup between Golden State and Houston, after attempting to poke a ball away from Clint Capela during the first quarter.

Instead of doing that, Curry’s finger poked itself completely out of socket, bending in a way you ordinarily don’t expect anyone’s finger to ever bend.

In case you missed it there, take a look at it on the ole’ close up.

HOOOOO BOY. Steph, what are you doing mate? Pop that thing back in there. Go on, get it back in. Be a professional about this. Show some decorum for god’s sake.

But because this is Steph By-God Curry, he was whisked into the rooms, got it x-rayed, had it given the all clear, got it popped back in, strapped up, and he was back onto the court in less than half an hour.

Also he managed to put away 20 points on one-and-a-half hands.

And the Warriors won 115 – 109 to take a 2-0 lead in the series.

Because you cannot – CANNOT – just up and beat Golden State that easily, apparently.