FYI, Matt Damon Was Hanging Out With Chris Hemsworth In Melbourne Yesterday

Celebrities, folks! Sometimes they go to stuff with other celebrities. And sometimes, very bloody rarely, the things they go to happen to be in Australia which makes us all lose our collective goddamned minds. To that end I am pleased to inform you all that Matt Damon was in Melbourne yesterday, casually hanging out with Chris Hemsworth.

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A Hemsworth presence in Melbourne is less of a surprise given the whole “he was born here” thing, but Damon quietly slipping into the country is something of a larger eyebrow-raiser.

Damon and Hemsworth, Jason Bourne and Thor themselves, sat next to each other cage-side at yesterday’s UFC 234 event at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena.

The pair, with respective partners Luciana Barosso and Elsa Pataky in tow, scored the plum seats to witness the truly ridiculous brawl between Israel Adesanya and all-time great Anderson Silva that main-evented the show.

Folks watching around the world quickly spotted the extremely bulky duo on the UFC broadcast casually chatting and hanging out like it was not even remotely a big deal.

Damon apparently also weighed in on the great controversy surrounding the event, involving Australian middleweight champion Robert Whittaker‘s emergency surgery for a hernia that cancelled his planned main event title fight with Kelvin Gastelum and threw the card into chaos on the morning of the show.

The Hernia Knower has logged on, ladies and gentlemen.

Hemsworth posted a photoset to Instagram that included a photo of the extremely famous pair at the event with lightweight fighter Donald Cerrone (who was also in Melbourne to continue chiding Conor McGregor by *checks notes* doing a shoey out of a cowboy boot?).

As for their movements post-event, Hemsworth and Damon reportedly solidified their new-found friendship the only right, just, and Australian way: They went to the goddamned pub.

The boys.

How about them.