Chris Hemsworth & His Insane Biceps Threw His Assistant A Star-Studded 80s Party On The Weekend

Chris Hemsworth and Aaron Grist & Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba and Matt Damon

Chris Hemsworth celebrated the 37th birthday of his personal assistant and childhood friend, Aaron Grist, by getting his guns out and inviting his Hollywood friends and fam over.

The ’80s themed bash was seemingly at the troubled Crown Sydney precinct in Barangaroo.

Chris wore black Adidas trackies and a white singlet, presumably because his pulsing biceps don’t fit into sleeves anymore.

He brought along his Thor: Love and Thunder co-stars, Idris Elba and Matt Damon (what’s director Taika Waititi up to though?).

They got the black Adidas memo, donning bucket hats, dark shades and the full tracksuit getup. The addition of a gold chain on Damon? A strong dad energy.

It’s believed that Idris is returning to the Thor franchise as Heimdall, while Matt previously appeared as an actor performing as Loki in a play.

Chris’ little, less hench brother, Liam, and his wife, actor Elsa Pataky, went for a brighter colour palette, with Liam in at least two party shirts and a bumbag and Elsa donning fluorescent pink legwarmers.

Here’s what Chris Hemsworth shared to the ‘Gram, writing: “A little 80s themed party never did any harm!”

If you can see past the definition in Chris’ arm muscles, sometimes you can spot a delicious slider. What a treat.

Look at the comments to see a swarm of people explaining to Chris Hemsworth’s American fans that the pics were taken in Australia, where the COVID-19 pandemic is (relatively) under control. It means we can party, yiew.

Former Home And Away star and radio presenter Kate Ritchie teased her hair for the occasion.

And here’s some pics from the birthday boy himself, so you get a real sense of the ’80s aesthetic here (and see his gorgeous partner Leah and their bb Chloe!):

They really are an iconic duo.

Chris Hemsworth and Aaron Grist

Image: Instagram / Aaron Grist

Happy birthday, Aaron. And an extra special happy Monday to Chris Hemsworth and his arms, which I would like to crush me to death.