Today in ‘Celebrities, They’re Just Like Us’, Aussie legend Chris Hemsworth has been snapped at a servo after ordering a humble meat pie – and not just any pie, a Four ‘N Twenty pie.

Illi Lam told the ABC she was a tad stunned to see the Thor actor walk into her place of work – a BP in Carnarvon, WA – on Wednesday. 

“We were so shocked, but because we were in the middle of work we had to remain calm and serve the customer as well,” Lam said.

“We kind of just stood there and acted cool,” she added. “He bought a meat pie and sauce and I think I’ll remember that for a while.”

Fair enough.

As the ABC put it, this is simply breaking news.

My Lord, that’s a big bloke.

According to social media, Hemsworth has been on an “incredible trip” around Australia with his family and ol’ mate Matt Damon. 

Close pals, Hemsworth and Damon were recently spotted in Melbourne watching the UFC 234 event at Rod Laver Arena. They were joined by their partners, actor Elsa Pataky and Luciana Barroso respectively.

Source: ABC
Image: Getty Images / [Photographer name]