Just A Vid Of Chris Hemsworth Catching An Arrow Fired At Him By Matt Damon

Good chums Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon were having a muck around in the backyard yesterday and wound up making an Instagram video for the ages.

[jwplayer 5jao5UgW]

Behold, Matt Damon shooting an arrow at his ripped Australian double Chris Hemsworth.

And Chris Hemsworth catching it mid-air.

Let’s break this down a little. It is a toy bow and arrow, so everyone was always gonna be safe. Hemsworth is wearing a fun holiday shirt. Damon is dressed like your dad.

‘I heard you didn’t even do your own stunts for The Great Wall – you don’t even know how to use that bow and arrow,” Hemsworth taunts.

While Damon’s aim is good, Hemsworth’s reflexes are better, as he catches the arrow, to the cheers of presumably his family. He teases his friend some more, about how he “Ain’t got shit on Hawkeye.”

And finally, without the aid of the bow, Hemsworth just hurls the arrow right back between Damon’s eyes.

That’s messed up, man! I never said Hawkeye wasn’t cool,” Damon concludes, sulking away.

Hemsworth captioned the video “And it only took one take…” which actually implies a number of takes. But who cares?

We’re spreading joy and wonder here, people. We’re spreading the news that even in his absence Hemsworth is out here defending Jeremy Renner against naysayers, the people who accuse Hawkeye of being the lamest Avenger.

Sadly, this does not appear to be not the pair in rehearsals for an extended version of Damon’s role as an Asgardian actor in Thor: Ragnarok, but is just two old pals, hanging out.

Hemsworth and Damon have been friends since way back, Hemsworth, sitting back at Damon’s house in 2014, and telling GQ: “We became friends around the time I started to work, and I’ve really benefited from watching how he handles himself. Matt’s just a normal guy who has the movie-star thing figured out.”

Their two families have been known to vacation together, so details E! News, everywhere from Monaco to Costa Rica to Spain to right here in Australia.

Thank you actual filmmaker Cristian Prieto for this truly blessed piece of content for our Sunday morning.