Dwyane Wade Sunk The Golden State Warriors With A Hall-Of-Fame Buzzer Beater

37-years-old and nearing the end of his storied NBA career, Dwyane Wade is still out here sinking truly absurd shots and pulling the pants off the best in the league in the process.

[jwplayer NwSWM9df]

Wade and the Miami Heat might be having an entirely middling year overall, but they still managed to put one up on the end-of-year highlight reel with an absolutely ridiculous buzzer-beater win over the bloody Golden State Warriors earlier today.

Despite fielding a full-strength side sporting the likes of Kevin DurantSteph CurryKlay Thompson and others, Wade wound back the clock with 25 points off the bench. But it was the last three that really shut the place down.

Two points down, with less than three seconds remaining on the clock, and with everyone running about the court like headless chooks, Wade somehow managed to have a shot blocked, recover the ball, have the awareness to get himself back beyond the three point arc, and launch a prayer off of one foot.

The godforsaken thing went in.

Get absolutely bent, that is unreal. That is un-real.

Alternative cameras and fan angles from the stands paint an even more ridiculous portrait of proceedings.


Absolutely unbelievable stuff from the great man. 37-years-old and dropping one of the all-time great moments.

Not only did Wade get the W for the side, but the celebration afterwards gifted us with an instantly iconic piece of sports photography.


If there were ever any question as to whose house Miami is – and really, why would there ever be – there certainly isn’t anymore.

South Beach is Dwyane Wade turf, through and through.