David Beckham Got Stitched Up By James Corden With An Extremely Bung Statue

There’s nothing on earth funnier than a statue that blatantly does not look like the subject it’s supposed to be representing. We’ve seen that with Cristiano Ronaldo‘s mangled bronze head, and thanks to James Corden and a very unwitting David Beckham, we now have this glorious scenario in which a truly bung-headed statue is birthed unto the world purely for the sake of comedy.

[jwplayer XP9zfY4m]

Beckham, unequivocally the greatest player to ever pull on a LA Galaxy jersey, was set to be actually honoured by his Los Angeles club with a permanent statue outside their home stadium.

Corden and the Late Late Show caught wind of this plan months prior, and decided to stitch Beckham up completely by crafting a fake, and very ridiculous, version of the statue, unveiling it to him in relative privacy, and just see how he reacts.

Firstly, the statue.

It’s bung.

It is proper bung.

Dead set, it looks closer to Beavis and/or Butthead than anything even remotely resembling one of the most recognisable football stars of all time.

Even better: What’s not shown in that photo is that the statue has an ass on it like two over-ripe watermelons.

The reveal was orchestrated with a bunch of actors, one of which called him “Dave” Beckham repeatedly and reflected on his career at “Man City,” which is some real subtle chef kiss gear.

While the full video of the prank is geoblocked in Australia because apparently this is the bloody stone ages, the crucial point of reveal did make it to social media and it is as glorious as you’d imagine.

As did Beckham’s immediate, panicked reaction to the statue, which was frankly just as good.

Absolutely incredible stuff.

For what it’s worth, the actual statue unveiling went off without a hitch on March 3rd, featuring a much more legitimate statue of Beckham which now takes pride of place outside the LA Galaxy stadium.

Honestly though, the fake one is probably worth far more now than the real one ever will be.

There’s value in headlines after all.

Did Beckham suck it up and take the bung head home? Maybe we’ll never know.