The Jonas Brothers Took A Spicy Lie Detector Test During ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers Carpool Karaoke IS HERE. Well, sort of. Being in Australia means we cop everything a little later than the Americans. However, thanks to the dedicated Jonas Brothers Fandom, bits of the official video have already been ripped off of YouTube and uploaded to Twitter. 

Thank you, Jonas Brothers Fandom, thank you.

[jwplayer pOv0yCqQ]

The official video is almost 15 minutes long and features a lie detector test, general Corden shenanigans, and a number of iconic JoBros hit.

ICYMI: the Jonas Brothers teamed up with Corden to celebrate their blessed reunion and have already gifted the world a Year 3000′ parody, interviews, and a Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts segment. All of these are available for us on YouTube.

Anywho thanks to the fandom, we now have Carpool Karaoke snippets.

As a curious bonding exercise, Corden thought it’d be both cute and funny to hook the boys up to a lie detector test mid-Carpool Karaoke. But, if you’re familiar with Corden’s work, you know he’s a cheeky shit.

Tame questions included: “Joe, which brother gets on your nerves the most?” 

“Kevin,” he replied and this is found to be true.

Spicy questioned included: “Are you a better singer than your brothers?” Corden asked Nick.

Nick answered ‘no’ BUT HE LIED. Also, turns out it was Nick’s idea to break up the band six years ago.

Check it out below.

As for songs, the JoBros performed ‘Lovebug’ and absolute banger ‘Burnin’ Up’. 

Now, grab the tissues because the Jonas Brothers singing ‘When You Look Me In The Eyes’ will simultaneously throw you back to 2008 and make you weep.

Of course, the lads belted out their new bop ‘Sucker’ 

While we wait for the official video to become available in Australia, you can watch their other Late Late Show with James Corden segments below.


It’s on Facebook, the entire video is on Facebook!