OMG: The Jonas Brothers Say They Have Already Recorded 40 New Songs 

Jonas Brothers

It’s only been a day since the Jonas Brothers officially reunited, reviving the Disney tween in all of us and already, we have some more glorious news. While doing the press rounds for their surprise new single ‘Sucker’, the Jonas Brothers – Kevin, Joe, and Nick – revealed they already have 30 to 40 new songs in the bunker.

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Appearing on the Elvis Duran Show overnight, Joe explained that after six years, it took some time to find their sound again. Prior to their reunion, Joe was having a quality time with his pop band DNCE (‘Cake by the Ocean’) and Nick had his own solo career.

“When we started to figure out what the sound was going to be like – balancing Nick’s sound, DNCE’s sound, and to be truthful – Kevin bringing so much heart into this. It’s been incredible,” Joe said. “His stories and his family and everything that’s been going on now. It’s been really important to blend the three and so we have probably 30 to 40 songs recorded that we can’t wait to release.”


“So, I think in the next few months, you’re probably going to hear more,” Joe added.

Since its release, ‘Sucker’ – at the time of writing – is the No. 1 trending video on YouTube and has over 80,000 emotional and thirsty as hell comments. The heavenly video not only features the three main men in our lives but their partners as well – Danielle Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Priyanka Chopra. 

H e a v e n l y. 

All hail the royal family.

P.S. Just watching this is causing me to Benjamin Button.