Stevie Nicks Keeps Thousands Of Shawls In A Temperature-Controlled Vault

Stevie Nicks

Steve Nicks? Shawls. Shawls? Stevie Nicks – this is the simple and divine truth. So after a Q&A with Rolling Stone, we welcome the news that Stevie goddamn Nicks owns a vault full ! of ! shawls.

In the interview, the legendary artist broke down her epic career spanning 50 years. Think Fleetwood Mac, love, loss, Game of Thrones poetry, her plans for the future, and that worldwide tour.

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But first, the shawls. 

“I have my shawl vault – they’re all temperature-controlled storage,” Nicks said when asked where she keeps her impressive collection.

“I have these huge red cases Fleetwood Mac bought, all the way back in 1975 – my clothes are saved in these cases.”

Nicks shared she’s keeping her vintage items protected for her goddaugthers and nieces.

I’m trying to give my shawls away – but there’s thousands of them. If I ever write my life story, maybe that should be the name of my book: There’s Enough Shawls to Go Around.” 

Thousands – Stevie Nicks has thousands of shawls in a temperature-controlled storage vault. Spectacular.

Nicks also chatted about the Fleetwood Mac world tour –  which yes, most definitely includes Australia. The act will head Down Under this August. 

“At the ripe and totally young age of 70, my voice hasn’t changed,” Nicks told Rolling Stone. “As long as I take care of myself, I am still going to be doing this when I’m 80.” 

Hell yes. 

“There’s so many things I want to do. I want to do another record. I want to make a mini-series. If the coven reforms, I want to go back to American Horror Story.” 

Again, hell yes. 

“I tell myself, ‘Do it now, because you’re spry, you’re in good shape, you can still do the splits, you can still dance onstage and wear a short skirt and high six-inch heels.’”

You can read the legend’s full Q&A with Rolling Stone, HERE