Bow Down To The Woman Who Tricked An Unsolicited Dick Pic Guy Into Thinking He’s Under Arrest

Dick pics are great. They’re an art form in and of themselves. But when they’re sent unsolicited, it crosses the line and becomes sexual harassment.

Thankfully, some genius has come up with a way to get back at these dickheads who wilfully send pics of their dick heads.

While she may not have invented it, a Twitter user has gone viral for posting this response to a sender of unsolicited phallus photographs and it literally brought the dude to his knees.

Here’s how it went down.

In response to this frankly uninspired (and, I cannot stress this enough, unsolicited!) dick pic, she sent the following:

AUTOREPLY: We have detected the transmission of unsolicited pornographic images of a potentially illegal nature [code:36489-a] and your device’s IP address has been forwarded to the police department pending an investigation. If you think this is a mistake, reply STOP

Side note: feel free to copy and paste this paragraph if you feel it might come in handy.

The dude, who is guilty of sending an unsolicited dick pic, replied STOP not once, but twice. The panic is palpable and ya really love to see it.

In just 24 hours she’s racked up over 670,000 likes and over 70,000 retweets, meaning this technique is making waves as people look for a solution to this kind of harassment.

In an update, the woman described the dude’s dick as “manky”, as if we couldn’t already tell from that cadaver-looking body in the screenshot.

She then informed us that he had bailed off Twitter altogether. A win if ever I saw one.

So there you have it. The best (and most fun) way to combat unsolicited dick pics is by scaring the dude shitless with made up legal gibberish.

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