People around the world have been doing a lot of weird shit to cope with lockdown. Now in Brazil, people have come up with a dick pic competition to kick isolation boredom and horniness at the same time.

The Pinto Awards (literally meaning Dick Awards) have blown up on Brazilian Twitter, and they’ve been trending pretty much very day since the competition started in March.

The rules are simple: take your finest dick pic, make sure the hashtag #PintoAwards is on a piece of paper in the photo, and DM it to the competition’s Twitter account along with proof of age. An additional rule was also thrown in: a declaration that the entrant didn’t vote for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

There are tonnes categories to vote in, such as best black and white dick pic, best tattooed dick, best dick pic with natural light, best dick with a mask, best dick in an unusual place, best coronavirus awareness dick pic, best trans dick pic and more.

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The completion has actually been going on since 2016 said its founder, who only identified himself as Luiz. However, the 2020 quarantine iteration is by far the biggest yet, now that people are stuck home with little more than their dicks for entertainment.

Unfortunately for Aussies just hearing about the comp, entries have already closed and we’re now well and truly into the voting stage.

At the moment, over 200 dicks are battling it out in Twitter polls, many of which received over 100,000 votes. The competition as a whole has had several million votes already.

For those without dicks who still want in on the fun, other nude contests have also sprung up. The #RabaAwards (ass awards) and #XotaAwards (pussy awards) currently have thousands of posts, and are just as competitive.

It seems Brazilians really weren’t kidding when they said “come to Brazil”.

Image: Pinto Awards