Gronks Now Using AirDrop To Send Unsolicited Dick Pics To Fellow Commuters

Unsolicited. Unwanted. Not asked for. Unprompted. Unbidden. Uncalled for. Unwelcome. No matter what word you use, sending dick pics to people who have not asked to receive a picture of your genitals is a (ahem) total dick move.

Women in particular have repeatedly been forced to put safeguards in place, adapting techniques with each new app and advancement in technology to try and avoid being confronted with this bullshit. Nobody is impressed that you have figured out to send photos of your dick with that new app, bro.

Unfortunately, it looks like a new trend has begun to raise its ugly head (so to speak), with commuters in New York reporting a rise in people using Apple’s AirDrop feature to send penis pictures to passengers in the same subway car.

The New York Post reported that 28-year-old Britta Carlson was heading to a concert when a message popped up on her phone, telling her that ‘iPhone1’ wanted to share a note with her. When she accepted, she was confronted with a penis pic. Carlson said that after receiving the image, “It really felt like someone had actually just flashed me.” Horrible.

AirDrop’s purpose is to easily allow people within a certain vicinity to transfer files to each other, and it’s a shame that these pathetic losers are ruining it for people just trying to get around.

Even though in a perfect world you wouldn’t be forced to do this, turn your AirDrop settings to ‘receiving off’, or ‘contacts only’, to lessen the chance your peaceful commute will be ruined by some random wanker.