Here’s 13 Unhinged Things Trisha Paytas Has Done For Content That Aren’t The Asshole Tweet

trisha paytas iconic moments

Every so often, we’ve brought you a story about one Trisha Paytas – a California-based YouTube creator and ~Internet Personality~ who seems to just do the most fucking ridiculous shit for her fans. It’s been about a year since we first told you about her weird Las Vegas wedding where Criss Angel (Mindfreak) performed, and about nine months since she cosplayed Gerard Way, and a mere month since she posted her entire asshole online for everyone to see (and somehow didn’t get shadowbanned).

But that’s simply skimming the top of the rich cream that is the Trisha Paytas Content Mine, so I thought fuck it – let’s take a trip down her illustrious (?) career as possibly the most hilariously-unhinged person on the Internet.

Full disclosure here: I fucking love Trisha. She’s a probbo fave and I just cannot get enough of everything that she does. I’m genuinely stoked that I exist in the same expanse of time as her, and I never want her to stop being her true and chaotic self online.

So let’s take a quick ten to go through all the highlights of her career to date.

1. That Time Trisha Paytas Married Brad Pitt

Well, a Brad Pitt cardboard cutout. Her mother was there. Everyone is trying so hard to not burst out laughing and I need to know just how much she paid for this.

2. That Time Trisha Did A Borat Cosplay Porno


3. That Time Trisha Channelled Her Best Troy Bolton

Out of all the wild cosplays she’s done, Zac Efron on the golf course in High School Musical 2 truly has to be one of the best.

4. That Time Trisha Copied All Of Britney Spears’ Insta Posts

5. That Time Trisha Vlogged About Necrophilia???

I just… I have no words. There’s so much to learn here; she worked in a funeral home in her early twenties. She wanted to marry a very dead Elvis Presley. She tweeted about wanting to sleep with an (also very dead) Andy Kaufman. She believes in “dead equality”. She literally says “obviously dead girls, they obviously still have the hole – whatever” and I am howling.

I don’t think she took a single breath in this entire video.

6. Trisha’s Deep, Undying Obsession With Beetlejuice

She decorated her bedroom in honour of the 1988 Tim Burton film, and performed alongside herself as just about every character in the stage production, on the actual Broadway stage.

7. That Time Trisha Was So Excited For Inglorious Basterds She Rebranded As ‘Grindhouse Barbie’

And just acted out scenes from the Grindhouse double feature, sang showtunes from Wicked, and did an entire ode to Tarantino.

May we also acknowledge that spray tan, my God.

8. That Time Trisha Went Through Her Extensive Starbucks Cup Collection


9. Literally, Every Single Mukbang Video Trisha Paytas Has Ever Done

Eating videos are basically Trisha’s bread and butter (so to speak) on YouTube, so please enjoy some of my favourites. Including that one video where she ate four (4) hard-boiled eggs and did the introduction twice without editing. It sends me EVERY TIME.

She’s dressed like Anna Nicole Smith in this one and I’m still not quite sure why.

10. Every Time She Cosplayed As Gerard Way

Look I know we’ve already told you about the time she did a Gerard Way Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge-era look but she just loves My Chemical Romance so much she’s covered Gerard’s other eras, too. Iconic.

11. Every One Of Her Wildly-Expensive Shopping Spree Haul Videos

Girl’s getting paid, you have to respect it.

12. That Time Trisha Dated Roger Bart, Broke Up With Him On Halloween, And Immediately Filmed A Video While Still Dressed As Glinda The Good Witch

I honestly cannot tell you what the most alarming part about this one is. The fact she dated Tony Award-winning Roger Bart known for The Producers, or the fact that she filmed a video on Halloween dressed as Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz / Wicked.

13. And…This

God, I just love Trisha Paytas so much, I need to meet her and just talk to her. Bitch, come to Australia already.