Of Course Trisha Paytas Celebrated Her Surprise Vegas Wedding With Criss Angel, Mindfreak

trisha paytas criss angel

YouTube’s queen of controversy Trisha Paytas apparently got married in Las Vegas on Friday to a mystery man she has only been engaged to for a week, ET Canada reports. But if you thought that was the fucked up part of this story, I’d suggest you grab a chair and a glass of water because she celebrated her nuptials with a performance from *checks notes* Criss Angel.

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Remember Criss Angel? You know, the Mindfreak guy every emo was obsessed with in 2007? Well, surprisingly, he’s still alive and is apparently friends with Trisha Paytas, so you can pretty much be sure we’re living in a simulation at this point.

Paytas got on stage during his Friday night performance at Planet Hollywood in a wedding dress, because Trisha Paytas.

“Today was wild,” Trish tweeted. “I got married and got to go on stage with @CrissAngel. So much to talk about but I’ll see u on Monday social media …gotta wrap my head around all this…also #mindfreak is THE best show I’ve ever seen …..always. !! Criss’ #1 fan for life.”


Criss Angel, real name Christopher Nicholas Sarantakoswon our hearts in the six seasons of his self-titled Criss Angel: Mindfreak TV show, which aired from 2005-2010.

Like every other early noughties celebrity, the 51-year-old currently has a Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood, where he performs his famous magic and illusion tricks in front of a live audience. But I’m sure fans got more than they bargained for on Friday night when Trisha Fucking Paytas arrived in a wedding dress.

Paytas has been linked to a number of men in her 31 years of life, including fellow YouTuber Jason Nash and problematic child star Aaron Carter in recent months, so we really have no fucking idea who she’s married to.

It’s 2019 and we’ve completely destroyed the sanctity of marriage with shit like Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul’s unofficial wedding and now this. Honestly, it’s pretty ridiculous that same sex couples had to jump through so many hoops for the right to wed, but famous people can do whatever the hell they please.

Criss also took to Twitter to congratulate his number one fan on her nuptials.


Honestly, I think I love Trisha Paytas purely for the fact that she went to a Criss Angel book signing 13 years ago. That is a certified vibe if I ever saw one.


Congratulations to Trisha and her ~mystery~ man on