Trisha Paytas Really Destroyed The Internet By Posting Her Whole Damn TP Coochie Out Here

Another day, another Trisha Paytas drama for us to gorge on. This time around, the YouTuber/singer/reality TV star has shared a pic of her whole bumhole on Twitter and uhhhh are those specks of toilet paper?!

In a tweet promoting her OnlyFans, Paytas posted a photo of herself bent over in the back of a Rolls-Royce, cheeks spread and everything.

The tweet itself is too raunchy to embed here, but if you’re curious, here’s a link. Just don’t open it at work/uni/in front of your grandparents.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with posting nudes, and the same goes for having an OnlyFans.

However most people were just stunned at the post unexpectedly appearing on their timelines, in all of its toilet-paper-crumbed glory.

All this Trisha Paytas talk even got her trending on Twitter, exposing her (heh) to even more sets of unprepared eyes.

Now for the record, it’s not clear what those little white specks lodged in between Trisha Paytas’ bum cheeks are, yet everyone’s fixated on the idea of it being left over bits of toilet paper.

That being said, knowing Paytas, their assumptions probably aren’t far off.

Paytas has even acknowledged the fact she blew up Twitter with just one post, asking whether it was the cooch or the gooch which got so many folks talking.

“Is it my butthole or pussyhole that’s trending?” she asked.

The whole thing’s escalated to the point that if you search “Trisha Paytas” on Twitter, you’ll be flooded with reactions rather than the actual pic itself.

A cursory scroll will bring up more BTS fancams and Jojo Siwa reaction clips than anything posted by Paytas herself.

And maybe – just maybe – that’s for the better.