Liberal MP and root vegetable Tim Smith, who clearly does not understand how either Twitter or defamation work, has threatened to “send a letter” to a literal child who retweeted his Tweet about the overturning of Roe v Wade with a quote from said original Tweet.

The child in question was Leonardo Puglisi, the 14-year-old journo who founded 6 News Australia and famously schooled former prime minister and human bin Scott Morrison during a batshit interview.

The way this lad simply talks to fully grown, adult politicians and makes their brains malfunction. It’s a gift.

Standard, factual and informative without even a whiff of defamation. I would go as far as saying it smelled clean and fresh, like after you give your dog a bath.

But Smith somehow picked up on the nuances of the EDT (eau de Tweet). He smelled the unique fragrance notes and his brain short-circuited, causing him to commit a truly remarkable self-own.

Smith’s reply reeks of that Come Dine With Me episode where the bloke lost and recited that clearly rehearsed monologue, which absolutely no human being could ever come up with on the spot.

Smith typed and deleted those Twitter replies at least 376 times. He sent them to the group chat to get some feedback on his delivery. But in all honesty he genuinely could have said: “What a sad little life, Leonardo,” and it would have had the same meaning as: “Be very careful.”

The young king clapped back very politely and authoritatively, asking Smith to retract his comment.

At the time of writing, Smith has not withdrawn his comments and the jury is out on whether he will.

But he has been ratioed by Puglisi and his dad, which is just as satisfying.

Ratioed, might I add, by a young lad whose Twitter display picture is him wearing a santa hat in front of a green screen.

14-year-old journalist Leonardo Puglisi wearing a santa hat and suit in front of a green screen
All hail our festive king! (Photo: Twitter)

According to my media law and ethics training at uni, being ratioed on Twitter isn’t a valid way to settle defamation threats.

But for us watching at home, there’s a certain thrill in watching two people without driver’s licences beef on Twitter. Timbo the bimbo… did you really think we forgot about that little drink-driving whoopsie doodle?

Source: Twitter / Leonardo Puglisi