Noted Massive Pain In The Bum Tim Wilson Lost His Safe Liberal Seat To Ex-ABC Journo Zoe Daniel

Liberal MP Tim Wilson has just had his lil’ butt kicked outta parliament by teal independent candidate and former ABC journo Zoe Daniel.

Wilson has been a member of the House of Representatives representing the inner suburbs Melbourne electorate of Goldstein since 2016. Crucially, he has been a constant source of annoyance ever since.

Goldstein has been one of the most contested seats of this election. In the lead-up to the election, Wilson was tipped to be the most likely Liberal member of parliament to be bumped off by a teal independent.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in the electorate of Kooyong is also looking in danger thanks to teal indie Monique Ryan. Bye babes, we won’t miss you.

Goldstein has been a Liberal seat since 1984. Literally one of the party’s known safe seats. Quite embarrassing to lose that then, yes!

As Brent from MAFS would say: “On that note, good luck, good riddance”.

In Zoe Daniel’s victory speech, she described the win as “extraordinary”.

“Safe Liberal seat, two term incumbent,” she said. And now it’s held by an independent.

The contest in Goldstein was, in a word, dirty. Someone smeared actual human shit on Daniel’s campaign flyers.

Politics is a dirty game but this is genuinely fucking rank.

Speaking to during the election campaign Daniel highlighted policies of “accountability and integrity”.

“It’s a safe Liberal seat and people feel taken for granted,” Daniel said.

“The Coalition hasn’t had to take community views into account, but as an independent I can directly represent the community’s priorities.”

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