Instead Of Doing His Job, Scott Morrison Has Decided To Get Roasted In An Intv With A 14 Y.O.

scott morrison six news interview

Scott Morrison seems to rear his (allegedly) ugly head every day with some new fuckery, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. However, this time around things are a little more unusual. Not so straightforward. A bit different. Our PM has sat down for an interview with a 14-year-old journo.

You might be wondering, doesn’t he have shit to do?

Things like spending time with survivors of abuse to remedy the fact that he’s failed time and time again to show them the time they deserve? Supporting victims of the floods in a way that isn’t just about showing face? Doing his fkn job instead of gaslighting the nation constantly? I don’t know, just throwing ideas out there.

But instead, he’s decided to book an interview with a 14-year-old journo. Little does he know it won’t look good for him in the end, because this isn’t just any 14-year-old.

The journo is Leonardo Puglisi, a young kid who founded 6 News Australia. His takes are always incredibly on point and his videos very well-produced. Honestly, most of the time he does a better job at reporting on facts in a fair and accurate way than most Aussie journalists.

So while Morrison may have thought this would look great for him, I highly doubt it.

Have a look for the trailer for the interview below, which unfortunately came out on April Fools Day but is absolutely no joke.

I truly cannot wait to watch this with some buttered popcorn.

The part where Morrison seems to go on a tangent about Crikey and the ABC is truly delicious. This is the man who met with roach-trap Piers Morgan and (allegedly) had affiliations with disgraced Hillsong pastor Brian Houston.

The very same man who in this week alone has been in the news for fuckery after fuckery after stupid shittery after fuckery. This doesn’t even count all the other weeks with fuckeries. There are many!

But hey, have a go at Crikey for credibility.

The full interview with 6 News will be released on Wednesday night. You can catch it on the 6 News website or on their YouTube channel. I for one am ready for the PM to get dragged by a kid.