Political trash can Tim Smith has tried to use the horrific scenes from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to make an out-of-pocket dig at pronouns and gender diversity. His flop era never ends.

The Victorian Liberal Party’s Member for Kew posted a photo on Facebook on Friday night of an explosion he claimed was taken from Ukraine. He slapped a fear-mongering caption over the image. It read, “Maybe it’s time we start worrying about real issues instead of our pronouns?”

He also called what’s happening in Ukraine “a real threat to ‘diversity and inclusion'”.

Nobody who uses pronouns different from the ones associated with the gender they were assigned at birth thinks the idea of pronouns is a “real issue”. It’s backward-thinking buffoons like Tim Smith who try to turn someone’s identity into a political debate that do.

Al Jazeera reported on Saturday that Ukraine’s Health Minister Viktor Liashko said that 198 Ukrainians had been killed during the Russian invasion. Three of them were children. More than 1100 people have been wounded.

Russian forces entered the Ukraine capital city of Kyiv on Saturday morning. The Guardian reported that Russian troops entered Kyiv from three opposing sides as fighting broke out among the city streets.

So can someone explain to me why Tim Smith thought it was appropriate to make a “joke” out of these people’s deaths?

The internet has rightfully called Tim Smith out for his post. They said he was “politicising an unjustified attack on Ukraine in the name of expressing his dislike of gender diversity.”

Another on Facebook commented: “You’re using a war to talk about pronouns? Get your priorities right. Disgraceful.”

Another told him to “stop trying to pit two very important but completely unrelated issues against each other”.

Smith has had his ass handed to him because of several extremely dumb takes on social media.

The Victorian MP tried to dunk on Victoria Premier Dan Andrews on Twitter in some serious schoolyard bullshit in May 2020. Then he ran a rigged anti-Dan Andrews Facebook poll and it hilariously backfired 27,000 times.

Image: Facebook [MP Tim Smith] / Twitter [@LiamJayKay, @SarkySage]