Over 18M People Are Debating Whether This Groom’s Wedding Vows Are Sexist Garbage Or Not

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A groom has gone viral on TikTok for his gross wedding vows in which he tells his wife-to-be that she needs to learn how to cook and wishes she were Margot Robbie. Buckle up friends, we’re about to talk about one of the cringiest videos you’ll see this year.

Over 18.9M folks around the world have watched groom Michael Lentini tell his bride Destiny Lentini that he loves getting his balls “drained” and “slamming headboards” while he’s standing there in front of friends and family. For God’s sake, his own mother was the celebrant.

Society tells folks that their wedding day is the “most important” day of their lives, but if this happened to me the event would become a funeral real quick.

The video was posted by wedding photographer Jonathan Pajak (@lensculture).

“Only two things are required to keep me happy: Keep my belly full and my balls empty,” the groom reads.

“While you’re amazing at half of it, we really need to get you some cooking lessons.”

He also gives his bride the option of ending the night as a “Toaster Strudel or a Twinkie,” which for my Aussie friends here is basically just another cum joke.


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♬ Full Heart Empty Balls – Jonathan Pajak

So sorry you had to witness that with your eyes and ears.

After a heap of comments demanding Destiny’s speech, Pajak posted the footage to keep our intrigued minds active.

And yes, it is WAY better than the groom’s. I actually got a bit teary watching it instead of furious. You know, the emotion you should feel while listening to wedding vows.

Some folks were a bit wary, however, that in her speech she seemingly degraded herself while praising her husband for choosing to be with her.

“The way she degrades herself in her speech and thanks him for loving her!” one commenter wrote.


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♬ original sound – Jonathan Pajak

Destiny even commented on the original video of her husband-to-be’s wild speech.

“So I’m the bride and no this isn’t a red flag,” she wrote.

“We have been together for 10 years now and decided to get married right before our 10th year.”

Others, however, were still not convinced.

“Me and my husband have this sense of humour together, but our wedding vows? I’d be mortified,” wrote one commenter.


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The video even reached the attention of gender equality expert and writer Gina Martin who’s based in the UK.

Martin made an entire video unpacking the wedding vows, saying that while both parties are seemingly okay with the groom’s sense of humour, some of his words played to sexist tropes and had an underlying meaning.

“You don’t need to explain to me that he’s making jokes and I shouldn’t have to explain to you that the jokes people make and tell reveal to you what they find acceptable and funny,” she said in a TikTok video.

“The impact of that joke is real and serious.

“Everything he’s saying is for other men to see that he’s a man. Sex. Servitude. Women as objects.

“I want better for her. I want better for all of us than a guy standing in front of us telling us how we’re gonna facilitate his life and how we’re gonna be something he gets to have sex with.”

Points were made.


A wife is not a facilitator of your seggggsu or domestic needs. #wifeandhusband #feminism #feminist #wedding #genderequality #sexism #misogyny

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After everyone and their dog had a say in Michael and Destiny’s wedding vows, Destiny herself decided to chime in with a TikTok vid of her own explaining the situation and how she felt about it.

“I’ve seen people say we have a toxic relationship and that we aren’t gonna last,” she said.

“You can say what you want, I know you’re wrong. I actually know my relationship and I know myself and I know Michael.

“Michael is too good for me … you guys don’t truly know him. You don’t understand where I’m coming from when I say that.”


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♬ original sound – Destiny Lentini

TikTok commenters love playing relationship expert, unfortunately, and didn’t buy her explanation.

“I feel so bad,” wrote one commenter.

“It’s like she’s been manipulated to believe he’s the best that she deserves. Red flags after red flags.”

Everyone is making very solid points in this chaotic mess of a story.

I would love to see the husband actually say something instead of letting the women around him pick apart his actions and say whether they’re good or bad, but something tells me he kinda likes women doing the work for him. Grubby vibes.