Screw The Noms, This Guy Should Win Every Emmy Award For His Utterly Perfect Succession Parody

Since it’s the Emmy Awards today, and Succession is up for seven nominations, I thought it would be a good chance to write about my favourite video on the internet and ask – nay, demand – it be nominated for an Emmy, too.

If you haven’t seen Succession, it’s about an über wealthy family of scheming assholes, who rose to absurd heights of wealth on the back of a media and entertainment conglomerate. If it sounds like a certain Murdoch dynasty, it should: showrunner Jesse Armstrong wrote a screenplay called Murdoch. While he says Succession’s Roy family is a “fictional family”, he knows a “good deal” about his subject matter. Hmmmm.

It’s a very, very well-crafted TV show, and deserves every Emmy nom it’s up for. However, I argue that this two-minute parody video is also worthy of several Emmy nominations – at least.

The parody is from comedian Ben Cahn, and has a simple premise: Succession, but everyone wants some of Logan’s M&Ms.

Ben plays every role himself, including patriarch asshole Logan Roy, scheming children assholes Kendall Roy, Roman Roy, and Shiv Roy, pathetic asshole son-in-law Tom Wambsgan, probable secret asshole wife Marcia Roy, and sweet angel Cousin Greg, the only non-asshole of the bunch.

The impressions are nothing short of perfect. If I had to choose one to win Best Supporting Actor, it would be Ben for his impression of Roman’s oddly appealing assholery. (He’s played IRL by Kieran Culkin, brother of child star Macaulay Culkin). Best Supporting Actress would probably go to Ben for his role as Marcia, despite the very good effort of Ben’s pursed lips as Shiv. How does he look like every single character? I don’t know. Magic, the devil, who cares.

This video is the reason I spent six weeks walking around saying “Fark awf, goddamnit” and seriously considered making my own ‘Daddy’s #1 Candy Baby’ hat. (I’m glad I didn’t, because this would be weird, but if Ben had sold them for $30 last year, there would be one sitting on my shelves right now.)

Obviously, I was not the only one absolutely fkn obsessed with this video.

In real life, Succession is up for seven nominations today, including Outstanding Drama Series. It better win, if only for Kendall’s humiliating rap alone.