So thanks to an incredible dentist on TikTok, I have now been informed that shaving your teeth down to little shark nubs is not actually how dentists are meant to do veneers, and I am shook.

If like me, you’ve succumbed to the vast hole that is TikTok, you’ve probably seen a lot of videos where young people show off their nubby teeth followed by another shot where they have perfectly straight-white teeth. It’s become somewhat of a trend, titled #veneerscheck and unfortunately I still lose sleep over how cursed the contents of that hashtag is.


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Anyway, according to my fave dentist pal Dr Shaadi Manouchehri (@drshaadimanouchehri) those aren’t veneers, those are actually crowns. Unlike veneers, crowns are a super invasive procedure and can cause many long term problems (especially for young people).


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“Firstly, those are not veneers, those are full-coverage crowns,” she said in the video.

“Shaving teeth down to pegs like that is going to damage the nerve, and you are going to need a root canal treatment and an extraction at some point in your life.”

Yikes, I had a root canal when I was 12 and it was horrible. I ended up biting the dentists hand (but, that’s another story).

She continued: “Second point veneers or crowns will need to be replaced every 10-15 years…she is probably 18/19-years old. Now, she is probably going to have to replace them 4-5 times throughout her lifetime.”

“Not only is the financial burden going to be an issue, but it’s going to be a biological burden too. Because the tooth physically cannot be prepared and re-prepared every single time. So she’s a gorgeous young lady, and she has possibly ruined her teeth for the rest of her life. She is probably going to have dentures by the age of 40.

“I personally wouldn’t choose that, would you?”

Dr S Manouchehri also talks about the dangers of shaving down your teeth in an earlier video posted to TikTok.


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♬ original sound – Dr S Manouchehri

The moral of the story here: Do not get veneers/crowns while you’re young. Invest in braces, teeth whitening kits, whatever. But shaving your teeth down to pegs is not good for your teeth long term.

Now, that’s the TEA-th.