It turns out poop shakes and teas aren’t the only shitty products that Khloé Kardashian endorses, the reality star is also partial to a teeth whitening ad.

The mother-of-one recently shared a new paid ad where she trials Hi Smile teeth whiteners.

“Everyone’s been asking for my thoughts on @hismileteeth, here it is!” She wrote.

“I’ve been using the kit a couple of nights a week for the past few months and it has helped me maintain my white teeth. The biggest issue I was having with teeth whitening was sensitivity issues, but with this kit I haven’t had any issues with regular use. I personally use it for maintaining my smile and removing stains, and would recommend to anyone considering teeth whitening product!”

Khlo’s followers immediately flooded her comments with angry remarks, suggesting her teeth are actually white because she has Veneers, a thin porcelain coating that goes over teeth to make them look whiter, and therefore the product would have no affect on her.

In summary: She lying!

“Sure you do. Don’t forget the veneers,” one follower wrote. “I have veneers as well sista…. we all know you pick the colour and tarter millimeter when they are being designed. They don’t stain. But I get the making money hustle. Love you koko,” wrote another.

Other critics described Kardashian’s new endorsement as “fraudulent” and “pathetic”.

“You couldn’t do a more fraudulent ad ????” and “Don’t you have enough $??? This is so pathetic.”

Well, at least she isn’t promoting laxatives to her underage followers this time. Baby steps.

Image: Getty Images