This TikTok Star Sends Her Hookups A Google Doc To Rate Her Performance & Honestly, Respect

We’re asked to rate the restaurants we visit, the Uber drivers we travel with, hell, sometimes even our bosses and colleagues, so it’s only fair that we should rate our hookups, right? I mean, how else can we improve the service we provide unless we’re told that we’re a lousy lay? TikTok star Syd Erin has devised a clever way of receiving feedback from her dates and honestly, I am v. impressed with her professionalism.

In a viral TikTok video, Syd details how she sends her former hookups a Google Doc survey to rate their “experience” with her. She then goes through each response and it’s bloody hilarious.

Check it out below:


i’m convinced i am no longer capable of feeling shame or embarrassment

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Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Syd said “it isn’t unlike me to talk about my hookups on the internet. I thought it would be funny, so I just kind of said ‘fuck it’ and made a survey.”

She also revealed that “one of the guys responded to my initial text asking to fill out the survey and said ‘no, absolutely not.’ Then my first video went viral and he stopped me the next day and was like ’10 million views? Thank God I didn’t fill mine out!’”

Then, there are the ex flings who laughed it off: “A few of them sent me my own videos reacting to their answers and laughing.”

And, naturally, some were pissed about it. One dude even wrote in the “additional comments” part of the Google Doc that he wanted his hoodies back.

“Yeah, he’s just not getting them back. I appreciated his survey answers though!” she said.

Overall though, she says she was impressed by how she was received.

“I was like, you really think that highly of the experience? Unfortunately I can’t relate.”

She continues: “I mean, it was a huge confidence boost, but it also made me realise that my answers would absolutely not be the same if I were the one filling out the survey. And I deserve to prioritise my own satisfaction over worrying about whether they were satisfied or not.”

The video has since reached a solid 13.2 million page views and counting.

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