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Lizzo, queen of the music industry and my heart, has broken down on TikTok over how bloody hard it is to be famous and in the public eye 24/7. Honestly, I just want to give her a big hug.

“You can be the coolest, most richest person ever and it doesn’t buy you fucking happiness. Money doesn’t buy you happiness. Fame only puts a magnifying glass on the shit that you already have,” she said in the teary-eyed video.

“And if that shit is fucked up, you’re just going to have even more magnified fucked up shit in situations where it doesn’t even seem valid or like you’re even like supposed to feel that way and so it fucks you up even more because you feel super fucking ungrateful.”

@lizzo♬ original sound – lizzo

Lizzo has always been candid about her life, but god, seeing her break down like this has truly crushed me.

After sharing her own personal experience, she issued a warning to fans who may be expecting money to solve their problems.

“I’m just telling everyone now, anyone who has internal issues or has like any type of self problems that they need to work out, work out now because money, fame, or success or even getting older doesn’t really fix that shit. You need to just do it. Do the inner work, because no matter where you are if you don’t, it’s going to haunt you like a fucking ghost.”

Thankfully, Lizzo’s post received an outpouring of love and support from fans, prompting her to continue the conversation in the comments of her video.

“Money is great and makes life way easier but it does not make u happy if ur sad on the inside,” she replied in the comments.

Honestly, what an icon. We need more celebrities like Lizzo in this world, sharing the truth, even when it hurts.