That TikTok about God telling an angel to make dinosaurs “meatier”, not “meteor”, has been one of the best things to pop up in the past week. Now it turns out the woman behind the video is actually an amateur paleontologist and legit obsessed with dinosaurs in real life.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, 23-year-old Eliza Petersen said her passion for dinos in the videos was very much real.

“I think I’m around dinosaurs enough that I’ve grown this level of appreciation that most people don’t have,” she said.

“I thought about how it would be so sad to obliterate the dinosaurs, and simply by accident too, so I started to tear up.”

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When she’s not working at a law firm, Petersen volunteers in the Natural History Museum of Utah’s paleontology department, something she’s been doing for the last five years.

While the original TikTok was filmed in in the office at Petersen’s day job, she’s since released a sequel shot at the museum itself and it’s tear-jerking stuff.

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But even before she became famous for her dinosaur puns (which she says were partially inspired by this tweet), Petersen has long been posting funny and/or informative dino content for the inner paleontologist inside us all.

For example, did you know if you lick a bone (yes, bear with us) and your tongue sticks, it’s probably a dinosaur bone? That’s the kind of top-tier educational content Petersen has been disseminating to her followers.

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There’s even a dinosaur Q&A for all you fossil fiends out there. And yes, it does elaborate on why her tongue stuck to weirdly to those dinosaur bones.

Unfortunately, Petersen did not explain what the forbidden nougat tastes like.

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That said, maybe don’t go licking random bones to find out what they taste like, unless you’re a trained professional like Petersen is.

Image: Twitter / @eliza_morey | TikTok / @lizemopetey