Palaeontologists Are Grumpy About Inaccuracies In Jurassic World

A few palaeontologists have come forward and said that there are some major mistakes with the CGI dinosaurs in the new film, which smashed Box Office records on its opening weekend
The party-poopin’ IRL Ross Gellar‘s are criticising the movie for ignoring new scientific developments regarding velociraptors. It was recently discovered that they didn’t have smooth or scaly skin, but were actually covered in feathers.
Darren Naish, a vertebrate paleontologist from the University of Southhampton told CNN that he and colleagues were waiting with bated breath to see if the development would be taken on board by the Jurassic World creators, but it was sadly not to be:
“Our hopes came crashing down with the tweeting of two words from Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow – ‘no feathers’.
He also said that the pterosaurs should have been furry and would not have been able to lift people off the ground, the gallimimus was the wrong size and should not have had teeth, and the seagoing mosasaur should have been ‘more cumbersome’.
Unsurprisingly, Trevorrow hit back at these complaints, saying that Jurassic World ‘is not a documentary’. 
We await parody articles such as ‘Holder of truck license is upset about inaccuracies in Mad Max: Fury Road‘, and ‘Astronomers are irked by inaccuracies in Star Wars‘.
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