In case you haven’t seen the “monthly spending” TikTok trend, it’s an extremely pervy look into how much dosh people have shelled out this year. Kind of like Refinery29’s iconic Money Diaries, but set to a children’s song.

Former MAFS star Jessika Power has taken part in the trend, posting her own spending diary to the platform earlier today.

I guess I knew that reality TV stars-turned-influencers cobbled together decent enough money, but I don’t think I realised it would be the levels of spending $74K in October and $106K in November. ONE HUNDRED AND SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS. IN ONE MONTH.

Cop a look at her post below:

@jessika_power123 ???????? need to learn how to save #fyp #spendingmoney ♬ The Months of the Year – The Kiboomers

In case you missed all that, I whipped out the calculator and added together Jess’ year of spending, just for fun, not for judgement — it’s her money and she can do what she wants with it. Over the course of 12 months, her spending was $388,994.32.

It’s interesting that she spent basically a third of that figure in November alone. Maybe she’s just a really generous Christmas shopper? Remind me to make friends with Jessika Power next year, folks.

Meanwhile, August was a lean month with Jess only coughing up $6,795.46. It makes sense, as that was likely around the time she was locked up in the Big Brother VIP house and didn’t need to buy food or pay rent.

Somehow, the monthly spending trend has made me feel simultaneously better and worse about myself. I thought my spending habits were bad, but I pale in comparison to influencers like Mikaela Testa who drops $100K+ a month regularly.

@mikaelatestamonthly spendings WHAT♬ The Months of the Year – The Kiboomers

But then I start to wish I did have $100K a month to spend on crap. Brb, off to break up with my partner and apply for the next season of MAFS.