Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer ~accidentally~ leaked her bank statement on Instagram and pls excuse me while I go scream into a pillow.

The RHONY original reportedly posted, then deleted, a statement featuring her account information, including how much dollarydoos she has and let’s just say it’s a few more than you have.

The leaked bank info showed that her balance in the account was at $367,483.70 on Feb. 22. Her transactions included a $16,942.90 check withdrawal and a $7,500 deposit from BEN Group Inc.

BEN has an influencer marketing division as part of its portfolio, if that helps at all.

Singer also received $255.74 from the celebrity greeting app Cameo — where you can cop a personalised video message from her for a cool $125.

Speaking to Page Six after the oh so embarrassing blunder that I’m sure was a total accident, Ramona Singer said that she posted the screenshot accidentally after her phone updated (happens to us all, right?). She said she had no intention of sharing her money sitch, hence why she quickly deleted the post.

As any Real Housewives fan will know, the franchise is all about flaunting your wealth and riches, so it doesn’t surprise me that she’d want people to know just how much dough she’s raking in. But then again, if you watch RHONY, you’ll know that Ramona is, well, let’s just say accident prone.

She also accidentally posted a screenshot of her calculator app with the number 11,923.0769 in January. When confused fans asked what the fuck that number means, she commented that it was for her accountant. Mmm okay.

The irony of all of this is that Ramona Singer is renowned as the Real Housewife who constantly steals shit, from knocking off dresses from Bethenny Frankel’s failed talk show, to stealing crockery from a sweet little Italian restaurant in the Bronx, to taking lobsters from a friend’s Hamptons BBQ after doing a 30-minute driveby.

Meanwhile I’m out here shouting drinks for my mates at the pub and now I only have $10 in my account. Nice. Great.

RHONY is now streaming on Hayu, if you wanna see what she spends her riches on.

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