What Is The Jay Alvarrez Video & Why Has It Made ‘Coconut Oil’ Trend On TikTok?

Jay Alvarrez Coconut Oil Video

So… coconut oil is currently trending on TikTok, and the reason is truly wilder than you’d think. It all has to do with American travel blogger and model Jay Alvarrez, a leaked sex tape, Missy Elliott and a kettle. Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

Who Is Jay Alvarrez?


First off, Jay Alvarrez isn’t exactly anyone outrageously special. He has over 6M followers, used to date Alexis Ren, who has over 14M followers, and he’s pretty hot. Like your standard hot beach dude.

What Is This Jay Alvarrez Video All About?

The reason the internet is FROTHING over him, is because a sex tape featuring him and Russian model Sveta Bilyalova leaked.


Now, the sex tape in question is VERY well-produced, which has led some people to believe that he put it out himself.

The video is set to the track Pass That Dutch by Missy Elliott, and it almost looks like an ad for some expensive Versace perfume.

The video was brought to the attention of the internet after Logan Paul and Mike Majlak watched it on their Impaulsive podcast, which naturally brought curious minds searching.

So What Does Coconut Oil Have To Do With It?

The reason everyone is going wild over this Jay Alvarrez video, however, is because towards the beginning, Alvarrez holds up a coconut oil bottle, boils it in a kettle, and then uses it as lube.

First off, isn’t that stuff going to be REALLY hot? Secondly, I am off to the store to buy coconut oil.

This is basically the same mindset that TikTok and Twitter have taken with the leaked video, and the reactions are priceless, including vids that use the Missy Elliott track to allude to the coconut oil sex tape. If you know, you know.

@itsmetinxalexa, order coconut oil ##jayalvarrez ##coconutoil ##BagelBopsContest♬ original sound – Tinx

@melanimanchenothat video…. sheeeeshhh. HOT✨ ##coconutoil ##jayalvarrez ##iykyk♬ original sound – xxtristanxo

There’s just a certain je ne sais quoi around the TikTok videos using the words ‘coconut oil’ and expecting you to know what’s up. Well, now you do.

It’s not hard to understand why everyone is going crazy either. It’s basically a porno with a very weird coconut oil element, and strangely perfect camerawork. A masterpiece product in internet virality.

@saigelynnmosingoi said what i said ##fyp ##coconutoil ##hollisterco ##HolidayMusic ##Alexislied♬ Pass That Dutch (Freestyle) – El Gant

Now while we can’t show you the video, we can show you people reacting to it on TikTok. (If you’re real desperate, it’s probably on Twitter or something.)

@machtwissboys watching THE jay alvaraz video ##jayalvarrez ##coconutoil ##leaked ##foryoupage ##fyp♬ original sound – machtwiss

Speaking of Twitter, the reactions over there have been just as hilarious.

Oh to be loved as much as the coconut oil was.

So… Are You Going To Link It?

No, pervert.