This TikTok User Met Isla Fisher And Sacha Baron Cohen In Maroubra And God, Me Next Please

Isla Fisher Sacha Baron Cohen TikTok Starr

A couple in Maroubra randomly ran into Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen at a cafe, and have put the entire story up on TikTok. All I can think about is how that could’ve been me. It could’ve been me!!!

Sydney comedian Starr, who operates as TikTok user @starrmcg, claims she was sitting at the Feedbag in Maroubra, when Isla Fisher approaches her boyfriend and compliments him, telling him he has the face of an actor. Meanwhile, Cohen was loading boogie boards into a car.

Of course, all this is possible because Cohen and Fisher now officially live in Sydney, so you can expect to see them out and about all the damn time. Just please don’t confuse Fisher for Amy Adams.

According to Starr, Isla Fisher approached her boyfriend and said:

“I just want to say, you should be an actor. My kids and I were just saying there’s a certain intensity to your face and you should really be an actor.”

Oh to have Isla Fisher and her children talk about the intensity of your face. A dream!

@starrmcgWHEN ISLA FISHER COMPLIMENTS YOUR BF????????. Please tell me stories of your random celebrity encounters ##celebrityencounters ##islafisher ##borat♬ original sound – Starr Anyse????

Meanwhile, Sacha Baron Cohen was “literally standing 2 metres away loading the fucking boogie boards in the car,” which is a visual that I would just love to witness.

So apparently, if you’re looking to get complimented by a couple of actors and told you have an intense face, head on down to the Feedbag in Maroubra, sit by the window and just look iconic, just like Starr and her boyfriend did.

In the comments of the TikTok video, other users gave some of their Maroubra celeb spottings, saying that Guy Sebastian came up to their dog to pat it when they were down there last, and that Vera Blue apparently lives just around the corner from Feedbag.

Be right back, I’m just going to move my entire life to the sunny streets of Maroubra and never look back. Isla Fisher, if you’re reading this, tell me that I too can become an actor, I’m ready.