FKN LOL: Someone Finally Asked Jay Alvarez About That Time He Used Boiling Hot Coconut Oil As Lube

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Someone just asked Jay Alvarez about *that* coconut oil video so BRB while I take us all back to late 2020, when TikTok started considering boiling hot coconut oil as a replacement for lube.

In case you missed it, back in December, a sex tape starring the Hawaiian-born social media influencer and model Sveta Bilyalova leaked.  

The clip, which was brought up in the Impaulsive podcast by the infamous Logan Paul, cause everyone on TikTok into a frenzy. Specifically, for a moment at the beginning of the video where Alvarez holds up a bottle of coconut oil, boils it in a kettle, and uses it as lube. 

Soundtracked by Missy Elliot’s “Pass That Dutch,” it almost instantly blew up on TikTok and had people online everywhere questioning whether to use coconut oil—including one of our own writers. 

P.S. You can learn about the full video here.

But, that was back in December, so why exactly is Jay Alvarez’s coconut oil video trending again? Well, my fellow alternate lube-using lovers, because one absolute legend met Jay and asked him about it. And his reaction is damn priceless.

In a now-viral video on TikTok, TikTok user Francesca Sofia met Jay at the Bryce Hall fight against Austin McBroom and told him that he taught her about the secret use behind coconut oil. 

His response? Embarrassingly shutting down and jokingly saying, “stop!” before putting his hand on her mouth and walking away. The man really said “aight, Imma head out” here and I support that.

Initially, Sofia shared a clip of their interaction without sound before uploading one with it once it went viral (we’re talking over 11.6 million views). You can check out the full videos with and without sound below.


should i post it with the sound😭 #jayalvarrez #coconutoil #28XTREMES #brycehall #brycehallvsaustinmcbroom

♬ Pass That Dutch (Freestyle) – El Gant


Reply to @ashantixmarihaa here it is with the sound🧍🏻‍♀️#jayalvarrez #coconutoil

♬ Pass That Dutch (Freestyle) – El Gant

We’ve reached out to Francesca for comment and will update this story with her response.