Remember When Jay Alvarrez, The Coconut Oil Sex Tape Bloke, Shared Batshit James Charles DMs?

I was alerted to Jay Alvarrez and that supremely cooked (but also… supremely hot) sex tape, that basically doubles as a coconut oil ad yesterday and as soon as I heard his name, I was like, ‘Where have I heard of this bloke before?’

Then I remembered, he’s the Insta model who called out James Charles at the height of the wild Tati Westbrook allegations last year where she claimed that James had displayed predatory behaviour towards straight men.

Jay threw his coconut into the ring by sharing receipts from that time when James Charles hit on him in the DMs.

Here’s how the convo went:

James: Hi daddy.

Jay: The artistic makeup god!! What’s good?

James: Oh I love that, hahaha. Hi, not much just woke up. Wbu?

Jay: Same same. Just getting ready to go on a few trips. What brings you into my DMs?

James: Ooh, where are you travelling to? Lmao, you’re hot.

Jay: Man long trips, Spain, Ukraine, Egypt, Istanbul and Africa. And appreciate that, my guy, I’m straight as could be.

He captioned the screenshot, “People giving this kid too much props, he got no game.”

At the time, Jay Alvarrez was best known for being one half of former ~influencer~ golden couple along with his ex, Alexis Ren before their trash-fire and highly public breakup in 2016.

But now, Jay Alva more commonly known as the bloke in that sex tape / coconut oil ad.

In case you haven’t caught up with that wild yarn yet, basically what happened was Russian model Sveta Bilyalova leaked the vid where she and the handsome model engage in sexual relations.

The video, set to the track Pass That Dutch by Missy Elliott, was brought to the attention of the internet after Logan Paul and Mike Majlak watched it on their Impaulsive podcast.

Read more about it here, if you can be fucked (trust me, you can be fucked. You can absolutely be fucked).