Instagram’s Fave Hot Couple Implodes As Model Alexis Ren Shades Ex’s Dick

Do the names Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez mean anything to you? No? Nothing? 

How about this video of their insane world adventures, that’s racked up more than 23 million YouTube views?
Their seemingly perfect relationship / curated lives was paying big bucks – and helping them amass a social media fan base of more than 10 million people combined – as brands like Hyundai and American Express chomped at the bit to associate themselves with the Jay <3 Alexis love machine.

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Then it all seemed to go belly up: they unfollowed each other both on Twitter and on Instagram (!!!!), where pretty much all the X-rated photos of them together have been wiped, and stopped travelling as one.
Now Alexis, 20, has cleared up *any* confusion people might have had about the status of their relationship by slamming the size of his penis in a savage Twitter rant.
Not only did she tell fans who asked that Jay’s packing a tiny pecker, she alleged he’s a self-seeking “fuckboy” who dropped her when their relationship was no longer good for business.
It all started with this leading tweet.

Fans immediately clued onto the fact she was referring to Jay, at which point Alexis invited more questions:

Annnnnd away she went:

She could have left it there; you know, been content with outing him as a fuccboi who allegedly used her for publicity.

But noooooooope, she went for his manhood.

Alexis rn:

Photo: Instagram / @jayalvarrez.