An Influencer Kicked Off A Gen Z Vs Millennial TikTok War Over Her Date’s Very Simple Text

gen z millennial tiktok texting war

Is he a bad texter or is he just… old? That is the question being put to TikTok this week as a post slamming a seemingly normal text has gone hyper viral. It’s millennial versus Gen Z, baby. Strap in!

US TikToker and content creator Elizabeth Castaldi (@yogiinpinkk) shared a screenshot with her followers of a text message sent from the man she is currently dating. The text read: “Hey, had fun last night. Have a good day.” Yep, that’s it.

Castaldi captioned the post with “is he a bad texter or is he 35” and “I have to start dating people my own age (but I won’t).” This caused quite the divide online, with some folks knowing exactly what she meant and others being baffled by her calling her date a “bad texter” for something so simple.

“I’m confused how this is bad?” wrote one commenter.

“It’s the periods for me like why u so ANGRY,” wrote a second.

“If he texts like my dad it’s a green flag,” wrote another.

Castaldi jumped into the comments to defend herself, suggesting to her confused followers that the use of emojis goes a long way in conveying how you feel.

And also that full stops are a big no-go.

Our new reigning queen of Gen Z texting. (Source: Instagram @elizabethannecastaldi).

“Let’s be clear, I do not have the ick. I just can’t read him and I really, really want to go on a second date,” she wrote.

“It lacks any sense of enthusiasm, urgency, or intimacy. He could have written that to someone at work about a work function.”

Oof. Harsh, but I do see what she means. Plus the “have a good day” kind of sounds like he’s ending things right there.

Some commenters were a bit outraged at Castaldi, slamming her for posting this pretty regular text for all of her followers to see.

“I just think it’s ridiculous that we’re sitting here criticising this simple yet nice text,” wrote one commenter.

“Would you prefer exclamation points and emojis? Like, they’re grown adults!”

“Hear me out. Maybe… he had a good time, and wants you to have a good day?” wrote another.

Honestly, I can’t tell which side I should be on. Both make some very convincing points.

I think I’m leaning more toward team millennial. Poor guy is just trying to be sweet and obviously isn’t going to text like a Gen Z person because they’re, well, thirty freaking five.