New Data Points Out How Gen Z Are Choosing To Travel In Comparison To Millennials

A new study has revealed that Gen Z and Millenials have drastically different priorities when it comes to seeing the world. TBH, as someone who’s slightly in the middle of the two gens, I’m not too surprised by the data.

Social travel experts Contiki have recently conducted a survey involving more than 2000 Gen Z Aussies — folks born from 1997 to 2012 — that revealed what the youngins value when it comes to travel.

According to the fresh data, the younger generation is looking to protect the Earth while exploring all of its nooks and crannies, as 77 per cent of Gen Z travellers are opting for coach travel over flights to preserve the environment.

It also found that Gen Zers are looking to explore the world whilst giving back to communities, as 41 per cent of Gen Zers look to embark on hyper-local experiences when they travel.

Toni Ambler, Manager Director of Contiki, told PEDESTRIAN.TV there’s “no surprise” Gen Z is committed to sustainability when it comes to travel.

“If there’s a generation committed to sustainability, it’s Gen Z,” she began.

“Research shows Gen Zers are concerned about climate change and are conscious consumers, so it’s no surprise that this is being reflected in the way they’re choosing to travel.”

Another surprising discovery was that Gen Z (76 per cent) are ditching the grog during their trips.

“It’s not surprising we’re seeing this shift with Gen Zs. We’ve been seeing this trend for a while now, and the trips we offer have evolved to meet the new ways in which Gen Z want to travel,” Ambler continued.

“Global research shows that 20 per cent of Gen Z drink less than Millennials, as they continue to focus on balancing a more health conscious lifestyle, and this is impacting how they’re choosing to travel.”

Aussie influencer Nathan Lust added that when travelling, “the experience isn’t the drinking. It’s doing the fun things”. However, he did admit to sipping a cheeky soju when he visited South Korea.

The data also found that 38 per cent of Gen Zers were using travel as a break in between jobs and that 57 per cent were choosing to travel because they were “fed up” with life at home.

I mean, after being on lockdown for yonks, the first thing most people wanted to do is travel. Also, for me personally, climate anxiety and the never-ending thought of death (yes, I’m that grim) had me yeeting from country to country to soak in all the Earth’s beauty before time is up.

Bucket list destination since primary school, but I think half of these mineral baddies have fallen now? Sad dayz. (Image source: Getty Images)

As someone who was born in 1999 — and is constantly questioning which gen I belong to — the findings were quite interesting but also not surprising.

I 100 per cent agree that lots of my mates have opted for more earth friendly travel. This includes camping, biking and using trains over air travel. But I’ve yet to meet a Gen Zer who doesn’t enjoy a delish bevy — not that I’m endorsing drinking, but I’ve had some pretty wavy nights in Tokyo (DM me if ya want a wild tale).

One thing I wholeheartedly disagree with was that the data found that the top three travel companions for Gen Z were Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and David Attenborough.

EH WRONG! The holy trinity — Rihanna, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj — is the correct answer and maybe Aaron Taylor Johnson for some holiday romance…