A Hotel Has Apologised After *Checks Notes* Serving A Chocolate-Covered Woman In Its Buffet

Picture this: You’ve finally saved enough dosh to have the trip of a lifetime. The oh-so-holy Aussie pilgrimage to Euro Summer. After scanning a bunch of hotel sites, you’ve finally found a place in Italy that looks absolutely lavish. Once you arrive — escaping the dreaded winter of Down Under — instead of being met with Italy’s beautiful coastline, your eyes meet a chocolate-covered woman on a buffet spread.

For some people, this could be heaven. However, for a HR manager who went to this lush hotel with his 14-year-old daughter, it was the complete opposite.

Federico Mazzieri went viral on LinkedIn after he posted a complaint about Voi Hotels in Golfo Aranci, which is located on the island of Sardinia.

According to Mazzieri’s complaint, the hotel’s buffet featured a female worker “in costume covered with chocolate, lying in the middle of the pastries.”

When the HR consultant complained to the hotel’s management, he was reportedly told that the woman was a “chocolate statue”.

“I’m on vacation with my fourteen-year-old daughter, and her comment was: ‘Daddy what a crap, this is not a country where you can realise yourself [sic],’” the post read, in a translation from Italian to English.

Mazzieri then slammed the hotel for their behaviour, questioning the company’s ethics and how they equate the body of a woman to crockery “to indulge someone’s mischievous eye”.

And NGL, if I saw this on vacation, I would probably shit myself and complain. I’ve watched a lot of media with cannibalism — Green Inferno and Yellow Jackets — to let that display slide. It would probably throw me off for the whole holiday.

Mazzieri even posted a photo of the alleged display, and it’s honestly so creepy.

Since sharing the complaint on the professional networking site, a representative for the hotel apologised directly on the post.

“We read with great attention the post you published about the unfortunate episode that occurred at our resort VOI Colonna Village, during the evening of August,” the comment reads, translated from Italian to English.

“We wish, first of all, to offer you, your family and in particular your daughter, as well as our customers, the most sincere apologies on behalf of all VOIhotels management.

“We deeply regret the incident that has occurred and wish to firmly reiterate that we have never had any intention of representing values other than those we embrace with determination and which are the same as those of the Alpitour World group of which we are part.

“We are taking immediate action to address this incident constructively and to ensure that no customer should feel offended in any way in the future.”

According to a comment, Michelangela Barba, the chocolate-covered woman was reportedly hired for a private adult function but she was placed in a public area of the hotel.

I’m all for new experiences, quirky activities and adult entertainment, but they must be in appropriate places. Not a damn family-friendly buffet.

Also, the photo of the woman looks extremely cursed. I hope she is okay, especially after being covered in chocolate under the hot Euro sun.