Suss This Boujee-As Floating Hotel You Can Stay At In The Heart Of The Great Barrier Reef


Given the general intensity of 2022 so far, I think we’re all pretty deserving of a trip to the island oasis that is The Whitsundays. Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, the group of 74 stunning islands (and awe-striking mainland) is undeniably one of the most gorgeous destinations in the whole world — Whitehaven Beach (located on the gobsmackingly stunning Whitsunday Island), was literally named TripAdvisor’s ‘Travellers Choice Best Beach in the World 2021’.

There are plenty of incredible experiences to sink your teeth into there — like swimming with turtles, jet skiing along the brightest blue waters, hiking ancient mountains covered in wondrously beautiful greenery.

However, there is one that tickles our fancy in particular — Reefsleep. If you’ve ever dreamt of waking up in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef, then we highly recommend popping in your annual leave request and booking this ASAP.

What is Reefsleep?

Reefsleep is a two-day, one-night Great Barrier Reef extravaganza, where you’ll have the opportunity to sleep on a cosy deck-bed under the stars. The journey kicks off with a boat ride to your destination of Hardy Reef — a permanently moored pontoon located 39 nautical miles from shore on the outer Great Barrier Reef.

Hot tip: If you’re visiting throughout July to September, keep an eye out for Humpback Whales frolicking through the waters.

To wear your energy out for a night of snoozing on the sea, you can spend the day snorkelling, riding a semi-submarine, gawking at the underwater observatory and indulging in a delish buffet lunch.

The rest of your night will probably involve a lot of complimentary beer and wine, star gazing and dozing off to the sound of the waves gently landing beneath you. Finally, the Cruise Whitsundays vessel will return you to the mainland so you can soak up what the rest of the islands and surrounds have to offer.

If you’re somehow not convinced of its boujeeness and want an actual first-hand insight into what a Reefsleep looks like, watch this ASMR video we caught of the whole experience and let your imagination run free.

How can you book your trip?.

You’ll be able to book the experience through Cruise Whitsundays, which also offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences to visit Whitehaven Beach and other top spots around the region. A double Reefsleep bed for you and your boo will cost $610 per person.

You can also check out other unique adventures like scuba diving and helicopter rides to level up your Reefsleep experience, too — even though I’m not even entirely sure that’s possible given how incredible it is, to begin with.

So, whaddaya waiting for? Get booking and start counting down the days to the best sleep you’ll ever have in your life.